Episode 19: David Der on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, & Building (And Selling) a Start-Up

Ladies & gentlemen! Welcome back to another episode of RVA Tech Talks! Check out this interview¬†with David Der, AI & ML guru and co-founder of Notch, an ML consultancy start-up which sold to Capital One, where David currently leads a team of engineers within the Center for Machine Learning. This is an amazing episode–one of my favorites yet–so enjoy!


Episode 18: Peter Harrison on Summiting Volcanos, Morning Routines, & Why Candor is Hard

Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of RVA Tech Talks, where I sit down with the gurus of Richmond, Virginia’s tech scene to talk about cool tech stuff and secrets of their success.

This month, we’re back with another episode, this time with Peter Harrison, CEO of Snag (formerly Snagajob). We talk about lessons learned hiking a volcano, morning routines that get the day started right, and why candor in the workplace isn’t always easy. It’s 28 minutes but packed with good stuff. Enjoy! iPhone users click here. Otherwise:


Episode 17: Aimee Palmer on Picking an Agile Framework, Why Agile Fails, & Slowing Down to Speed Up

What’s up RVA nerds, hacksters, sculptors in the fine art of technology! Check out this latest episode with agile guru and software delivery black-belt Aimee Palmer. Topics include the basics of getting started with Agile, why Agile fails hard (sometimes), and how Aimee thinks about applying frameworks (of which there are like a dozen).¬† Enjoy!

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Episode 16: Drew Firment on Serverless, Building A Cloud Infantry, & Why IT Doesn’t Matter

Check out this latest episode with Drew Firment, Managing Partner at A Cloud Guru, Alexa Champion, AWS Community Hero, and overall awesome technologist!

Show notes:

Episode 15: Robby Demeria on The New Richmond, Minority Gaps & Opening the RichTech API

Hark, Richmonders! I bring to you another episode of RVA Tech Talks, this time a one-on-one with the distinguished Robby Demeria.

In case you don’t already know the name, Robby is the lobbyist-turned-community-organizer who took the helm of RichTech and has, over the past years, transformed the organization into a vibrant, community-led, practitioner-first tech chapter that’s been at the front and center of Richmond’s blossoming into a mid-Atlantic tech hub. He’s is an exciting leader to be around, and his vision for Richmond is contagious.



Episode 14: Royal Jones on Dev Empowerment, Investing In Your Team, & Doing It Right The First Time

Hey guys! Welcome back another episode of RVA Tech Talk! This episode I give you Royal Jones, who had a successful career at Capital One before jumping to Snagajob where he’s currently serving as Director of DevOps. As a leader, Royal has a unique–even uncanny–ability to relax everyone’s nerves and slowly reel in a problem and its solution. As a person, he’s a blast to be around, so grab an organic kombucha and a vegan yogurt and ENJOY!


Episode 13: Andrea Goulet on TDD, Tech Entrepreneurship & Why Legacy Code Rocks

Hey guys! Welcome to our 13th episode of RVA Tech Talks! This month I sat down with one of Richmond’s most interesting and thought-provoking entrepreneurs, Andrea Goulet. Aside from co-founding Corgibytes, a tech consultancy focused on teaching “old code new tricks”, and bringing new life into the “Mender Movement”, Andrea is vocal in the Richmond tech scene from debugging the gender gap to spreading the gospel that, yes, anyone can learn to code. She’s a super fun person to be around, wicked smart, and exudes an inspiring blend of action and empathy. Find her on LinkedIn or at the 804RVA co-working space. Enjoy!