Episode 13: Andrea Goulet on TDD, Tech Entrepreneurship & Why Legacy Code Rocks

Hey guys! Welcome to our 13th episode of RVA Tech Talks! This month I sat down with one of Richmond’s most interesting and thought-provoking entrepreneurs, Andrea Goulet. Aside from co-founding Corgibytes, a tech consultancy focused on teaching “old code new tricks”, and bringing new life into the “Mender Movement”, Andrea is vocal in the Richmond tech scene from debugging the gender gap to spreading the gospel that, yes, anyone can learn to code. She’s a super fun person to be around, wicked smart, and exudes an inspiring blend of action and empathy. Find her on LinkedIn or at the 804RVA co-working space. Enjoy!


Episode 12: Robert Fehrmann on Literal Cold Storage, Hadoop in a Snowflake, & How Mongo Saved the Business

RVA technobrats! Fasten up: this episode is a 1-on-1 with local tech guru Robert Fehrmann, who is currently the Field CTO at Snowflake Computing. Robert is one of most inspiring tech leaders I’ve ever met, owing to his great personality and his ability to simultaneously hold business value and gritty tech specs in his brain. During this episode, he retraces his tech career from automating (literal) cold storage warehouses to implementing MongoDB at Snagajob to his most recent transition to Field CTO at Snowflake Computing. Enjoy!

P.S. Robert on LinkedIn


Episode 11: Brandon Linton on Microservices, Empathy, and High-Velocity Quality

Enjoy this conversation with Brandon Linton, Solutions Architect at CarMax. Brandon is at once a product whisperer, veteran developer, and operations geek and has been at the center of CarMax’s transformation towards high-speed, high-quality product teams.