BONUS: Audio Cliff Notes on the AWS Best Practices Whitepaper (Pt. 1 of 6)

Good morning RVA tech aficionados! I think winter is over? Perhaps almost, but snow is on the way, so I’m feeling like the grouchy bat on my friend’s back porch whose photo she took this weekend before I took her bat to the vet (this is not a joke):


Bat body language for “Wtf” + “make it stop” + “leave me alone”.

ANYWAYS, I come with good news! First, I present two key facts:

  1. Whitepapers suck.
  2. Podcasts are awesome.

Like a true student of science, I combined these two facts into what I have coined an AUDIOWHITEPAPER. The ingredients:

  1. The “AWS Best Practices” Whitepaper (here).
  2. A conversational summary of this whitepaper’s contents (here).
  3. Me talking into my computer (below!)

And viola! I give you the first of six parts (~20 min). This one’s topics include just 3 items:

  1. Intro (1 min)
  2. The Cloud Computing Difference (~5 min)
  3. Scalability (~15 min)

If you’re not into audio, I forgive you and have provided the above in text format here.


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